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Pamela Angelique Hughes – Sound Therapist

My name is Pamela Hughes and I’m a singing harpist, composer and sound therapist.

I’ve worked with sound healing, music, voice and harp for over 30 years. This journey led me to the discovery of Sacred Geometry and a sacred geometric form known as the Stargate. I began to see the interconnection between Sacred Geometry and Sound Healing and how they work in conjunction with one another.

My primary focus in this work is to raise human consciousness through music, sound and sacred geometry. Music being very mathematical and invoking many different emotions directly affects our consciousness.

My music CDs sell worldwide and can be heard in the Music Store.

My music has been used by leading spiritual teachers such as on Dr. Wayne Dyer’s meditation CD, by Dr. Doreen Virtue and as background music to John Bradshaw’s workshops.

Sound therapy balances and restores harmony for your mind and body. In Pamela’s sound therapy sessions she uses voice, harp, tuning forks, and Tibetan bowls.

“It’s an experience of the invisible energy of Spirit made manifest.”
Liz B. Science of Mind Practitioner

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