Sound Gatherings

A Presentation, Concert and Sound Bath

Pamela takes you on a extraordinary journey to experience the Ancient Temples of Malta, sharing information about the people who MASTERED sound 6,000 years ago. This is a “Vibrational Sound Experience” to raise your vibration, harmonize your personal path and lift your spirits.

Experience Toning and a Soothing Sound Bath (with voice, harp, tuning forks and Tibetan bowls) concluding with Pamela’s Harp and Voice to transport you to a place of inner peace.

For further information, scheduling  & pricing for a Sound Gathering contact Pamela at 720-245-7317 or email

“I believe you are one of the most important and talented composers and sound therapists providing sound healing and healing music.”
Thomas Tamvakos,  Music Writer and Archive of New Age and Healing Music Halandri, Greece

“The vibrational healing coupled with toning penetrated the core of my being. This healing resonated throughout my body allowing for cellular healing.”
L. Stiles, Counselor

“This was the deepest I have ever gone in any sound healing event I’ve ever experienced.”
Deborah Bucharm Porter

“What a wonderful, transformative experience. I highly recommend the sound bath or any of Pam’s music to anyone seeking love, healing or for release. Pam’s music is life-changing.”
Shannon, Lakewood, CO

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