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World Peace Meditation MP3

A meditation for experiencing  inner peace through the healing sounds of Harp, Voice, Tibetan bowls and Solfeggio tuning forks and projecting this inner peace out to our world. ”

Remembering the adage ‘As Within so Without’.

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Price: $15

We All Need Love MP3

Pamela’s latest song, “We All Need Love” is very pertinent to our times and what we’re experiencing in our world today.
When LOVE prevails it has the power to change things, people and nations as expressed in the song.
Listen to a short sample:

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Long Distance Sound Healing MP3

Experience the powerful effects of Pamela’s sound healing. A guided meditation for complete relaxation and regeneration of your mind and body using deep breathing, harp and voice as a follow up for a personal sound healing session or to be used separately as often as you’d like.

Instant download in two file sizes:
Highest Quality (HQ) – 45Mb (recommended)
Standard Quality (SQ) – 23Mb (for slower internet connections)
Price: $25

Buy Pamela’s CD’s from cdbaby

Songs for Your Soul: This CD is a mixed collection of deeply moving, soul-stirring songs and instrumental music featuring the harp and Pam’s vocals.
Price: $13.99 Listen!

The Angel and the Animal: The album reaches your heart inviting you to relax and contemplate your innermost being. It strikes a chord within the dual nature of your being including the more earthy sounds of “Celestial Blues.” Harp, voice, synthesizer, bells, flutes, harmonica, guitar, and conga.
Price: $13.99 Listen!

“You have great talent. It cannot be hidden.”
John Bradshaw, Author and Speaker

“Pam’s angelic voice with her harp will touch your spirit, creating a quiet calmness of peace to relax, heal and renew the beautiful new you.”
Roberta Crandell, Denver, Co.

“What you offer through music brings joy to the heart of who I am.”
Bill Bauman, Utah

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