Sound Therapy Sessions

Sound Therapy with Voice, Harp, Tibetan bowls and Tuning Forks

Sound therapy balances and restores harmony for your mind and body using a variety of sound tools which include voice, harp, tuning forks and Tibetan bowls.

The vibration from various sound tools, and especially the human voice, moves through all of the fluids in the body releasing blocked energy at a cellular level while also opening the energy centers or chakras.

“The voice and harp are two of the most powerful healing tools there are.”
Wayne Perry, Internationally known Sound Healer

Sound Therapy Sessions

The voice is one of the most powerful healing tools there is. Long distance healing can actually be more intense than a treatment given in person, and interestingly enough, the time of the healing can also be shorter than the “in person” treatment. This session can be enhanced by using the relaxing Long Distance Sound Healing audio for continual use.

Long Distance Healing sessions last approximately one hour.
Sessions start at $125 depending on the the issues to be resolved and on your personal situation.

As each individual case is different, please schedule an initial consultation with Pamela so she can assess your individual needs and advise on the best solution to your problems.

To schedule your Free Initial Consultation or if you have any questions about sound healing, complete the Free Initial Consultation form or call Pamela at 720-245-7317.

The voice is one of the most powerful healing tools there is. Distance healing can actually be more intense than a treatment given in person…
Please note: Sound healing is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment from a physician or health care professional. Sound healing is designed to enhance your total wellness, and should be used in conjunction with your traditional medical care. Please check with your doctor or health care professional about using sound healing to complement your medical treatment.

meditation-1384758_1280Long Distance Sound Healing MP3

If you’d like to sample the powerful effects of Pamela’s sound healing, check out her long distance sound healing guided meditation in our Music Store.

“My healing session with Pamela was a very powerful spiritual experience. In the weeks that followed the session, I felt physically and emotionally better than I have in years — balanced, energized, cleansed of old negativity, and aware of the universe in a new way.”
Jan G., San Luis Valley CO

“Pamela has a unique gift and ability to connect to a place of the soul and channel back a beautiful healing energy. Her sessions always make me feel wonderfully uplifted and transformed.”
Jeff, Denver, CO

“Sound therapy helped me to empty my mind of life’s pressures and chaos. I felt very much at peace and tranquil.”
Cindy Meyer, Montessori Teacher

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