“An amazing vibrational experience that cleared so much stagnated energy out of my energy field.”

“Very educational and inspirational! ”

Healing Music

“Your music calms me down, makes me feel serene, peaceful, stress free and helps me to relax emotionally”

“Music, the harp in particular, enhances the sense of calm and security.”

“Your music helps me to have more patience, it slows one down and is pleasing to the mind and soul.”

“Wonderful music, you have a gorgeous voice!”


“The presentation was very informative and interesting. The music was very thought provoking. It was very relaxing, beautiful and enjoyable. I could have listened to it for a longer time.”

I really enjoyed your whole presentation I can’t think of one thing I didn’t like except I wish it was longer. I loved the music.”

“I felt peaceful and a wonderful sense of well-being afterwards.”

“An awakening I’ve been longing for.”

“I really benefited from learning about this form of therapy.”

“It was a totally new experience, I’ve never heard of any of these things. It was totally enlightening and emotional healing.”


“I feel more energy, more positive, more relaxed and more playful.”

“I felt happier, more connected with others and relaxed.”

“My body is more relaxed and centered, more energized and alive. I could feel the vibration throughout my body.”

“I’m feeling exhilarated- a burden lifted more playful and clear.”

“Relaxed, freedom to let go, less tense, let’s the child out.”

“You have such a fun, easy manner that it was easy to put gusto into making the sounds without feeling shy about it.  It was really enjoyable and felt good.”

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